Validating credibility

Trust is the greatest currency in governance and business. Minimising risk and increasing predictability are critical to drive up the level of trust in every transaction. At CKGS, we understand this. Our Verification & Attestation Services are geared to help client governments and businesses make better decisions by minimising risk.

  • Verification Services

    The increasing cases of forgery and malpractice have highlighted the need for stakeholders to check the credibility of people and organisations they liaison with. At CKGS, our team of verification experts conduct comprehensive background checks to validate credentials and reduce the risk of misrepresentation. Our Verification Services have been successfully deployed for nearly a decade at visa application centres to conduct applicant screening. We also offer a suite of verification solutions to businesses by leveraging our vast experience, state-of-the-art technology and global network. Backed by robust quality management processes, professional staff and uncompromising confidentiality standards, CKGS is the partner of choice for any enterprise needing reliable verification services.

  • Attestation Services

    Attestation or Authentication & Legalisation is the process of validating the genuineness of certificates and documents. CKGS offers document attestation services to applicants and customers to ensure their authenticity by authorised governmental or semi-governmental agencies. Our attestation processes are compliant with international regulatory requirements and data security standards.