Resolving intricacies, enabling business

One of the significant overheads that consular missions, client governments and business grapple with is finance-related tasks. CKGS, with our comprehensive Financial Support Services, helps organisations to reduce costs, maintain compliance with auditory requirements and streamline management of finances.

Our suite of services includes Fee Collection & Management, Financial Accounting, Reporting and Back Office Support. Every one of our Financial Support Services is designed to simplify administrative processes and enable quicker & easier access to information. They are also tailored to suit specific organisational and local regulatory requirements.

  • Transaction Handling

    Our transaction handling solutions include various types of fee collection services ranging from cash acceptance on behalf of our clients at the clients offices, our dedicated centres, external kiosks, and postal/bank branches. They also encompass fee collections via secure online fee transfers, demand draft/banker’s cheques and Point-of-Sales (POS) systems. In addition, we offer remittance, funds transfer and audit support services.

  • Financial Accounting & Reconciliation

    Our Financial Accounting & Reconciliation services includes a range of sub-services:

    • Complete Revenue Reconciliation between Ledgers and regular liaising with stakeholders to ensure smooth reconciliation reckoning
    • Expense tracking from back office to front offices and Budget Transfers
    • Periodic reporting of revenue for the division at both regional and global levels
    • Journal entries to post the revenues and expenses across the regions and globally