Uncompromising protection

In any outsourcing exercise, security of people, data and assets is paramount. At CKGS, security of every asset in our purview is a top priority. Every service and solution that we offer is backed by tested and certified security standards.

With data security coming to the fore in light of hacks and breaches, we have taken additional steps to secure information handled by our systems given that a significant chunk of it includes sensitive government and personal data. Checks and balances have also been included at every step of information exchange to ensure that data is protected and privacy is maintained. We follow industry best practices with regard to the security of our people, assets and operations. Our security system encompasses multilevel authentications to ensure customer data is not compromised. CKGS’ amalgamated physical and logical security system ensures that operations are tightly integrated and continuously monitored through our central vigilance desk. To minimise any disruptions, we have also instituted Risk Mitigation Plans and Business Continuity Plans, with team members acutely aware of their roles & responsibilities in such scenarios.

Over the years, CKGS has established a reputation for maintaining stringent security norms while balancing the need for accessibility of people, data and assets.