Our Social Responsibility

Cox & Kings Global Services is proud to be associated with Cox & Kings Ltd., whose philanthropic arm, Cox & Kings Foundation, works tirelessly to change many lives for the better. Our social endeavours are centred around several issues such as providing quality education and healthcare to underprivileged children, promoting gender equality and preventing animal cruelty.

As an organisation focused on facilitating global travel, Cox & Kings is astutely aware of the social and environmental issues arising from increased tourism. To combat these challenges, we are dedicated to the implementation of initiatives such as reducing water and energy consumption, improving recycling capabilities, and most importantly, reducing our carbon footprint. We firmly believe that investing in nature will allow us to formulate solutions that are beneficial for the economy, the planet, and ultimately, the people.

After lending our unwavering support in 2015-2016 to numerous organisations working in the fields of children’s healthcare and education, animal welfare and upliftment of women, we wanted to further increase our social involvement. In the 2016-2017, our continued association with healthcare NGOs like Think Foundation, Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT), and Muskan Foundation helped aid the treatment of children with life-threatening conditions through sponsorships and blood donation programmes. PGL, the Education division of Holidaybreak, which is a subsidiary of Cox & Kings, took a step closer to environmental sustainability by replacing all office lighting with LEDs and working with water2business to reduce water consumption through effective methods. Cox & Kings-owned Meininger set up general recycling and waste separation practices to curb energy wastage. Additionally, our holistically-executed projects branched out to providing sustainable livelihood in rural areas, increasing awareness about climate change and restoring cultural heritages.

Our CSR paradigm is to effectuate change that outlasts us. From fighting poverty and oppression to donating funds for the advancement of cancer research, every action we take is a step in the direction of a bright, just, and peaceful world.